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STARS 2022

STARS 2022 took place on Friday 8 July 2022 at Etc County Hall. 

We were pleased to welcome a record attendance with over 200 people in attendance, we would like to tank our faculty, sponsors and attendees who helped to make a great event. We were especially pleased this year to welcome back our international faculty in person after last years travel restrictions.

We hope that everyone who attended the event had an informative and enjoyable day, for those that could not make it we have some of the presentations which are available. 

A word of caution Beware of radiation exposure! 
Prof. Bijan Modarai

Anatomical suitability of the Common Femoral Artery for endovascular treatment
Dr Gabriela Kaneta

Aorto-bi-Femoral bypass
Prof. Giovanni Torsello

Complex Endovascular Aorto-Iliac Reconstruction Results from Pan-European multi-centre (COBRA) registry 
Konstantinos Stavroulakis

Debate IVUS should be an essential part of peripheral arterial interventions - Against the motion
Mr Kevin Mani

Debate IVUS should be an essential part of peripheral arterial interventions - For the motion
Dr Narayanan Thulasidasan

Endovascular management of Popliteal artery occlusive disease
Dr Nicola Troisi

Endovascular treatment should be the first-line approach 
Prof. Raphael Coscas

INDUSTRY SESSION Abbott CFA the last surgical bastion
Tobias Kuhme

INDUSTRY SESSION Bentley Global The Importance of Bridging Stents
Mr Sandeep Bahia

INDUSTRY SESSION Boston Scientific Drug Rehabilitation not all DETs are the same
Dr. Narayanan Thulasidasan

INDUSTRY SESSION Shockwave Intravascular Lithotripsy Evolving our calcium algorithm
Dr Narayanan Thulasidasan and Mr Lukla Biasi

INDUSTRY SESSION The Penumbra Indigo System with Lightning Early case experience in the treatment of ALI
Mr Dominic PJ Howard

Interesting Case
Dr Samira Rostampour

Interesting Case
Miss Leslie Fiengo 

Interesting Case
Mr Ashish Patel 

Interesting Case - Endovascular salvage procedure of a composite graft
Dr Konstantinos Stavroulakis 

Is Ultra-distal bypass still an option
Mr Hani Slim

Management of occluded prosthetic Femoro-Popliteal bypass grafts
Dr Grigorios Korosoglou

My algorithm to manage calcified tibio-pedal CTOs
Dr Athanasios Diamantopoulos

My most difficult cases as a consultant and the lessons I learnt
Dr Sajal Patel

My most difficult cases as a consultant and the lessons I learnt
Miss Anna Prent

Open Surgery still has a leading role in aorto-iliac reconstruction
Mr Ric Gibbs

Percutaneous Deep Venous Arterialisation
Mr Hany Zayed

Percutaneous Deep Venous Arterialisation Is this the ultimate solution
Dr Daniel Van Den Heuvel  

Plaque debulking and role of atherectomy devices
Dr Athanasios Diamantoupolos

Plaque modification and the role of Intra-Vascular Lithothripsy
Mr Lukla Biasi

Surgical treatment should be the first-line approach
Mr Prakash Saha

The results of the Pan-European Multidisciplinary Survey Miss Rachael Forsythe

Tibial angioplasty
Dr Narayanan Thualsidasan 

When is bypass the only solution
Dr Patrick Chong

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